Rules are basic logical units of Calculator configurator. Each rule should logically perform a function which can be monitored as an individual unit of information.

Every rule consists of formulas. For more information about formulas, please check the Formulas article.



To create a new rule, choose a Calculator within which you wish to create your rule, and click Add rule.

The following parameters need to be defined for each rule:

  • Rule name – the name under which your rule will be identifiable
  • Portfolio – each rule can be executed either on every portfolio, or only for a specific one. If you choose "All portfolios", the rule will be executed regardless of the portfolio selected on offer. If you choose a specific portfolio, then the rule will be executed only on offers on which the desired portfolio is selected
  • Active rule – if rule is inactive, then it is never executed. You can change the rule's active/inactive status at any time
  • If you wish to save your changes, click "Save rule"


Additional parameters on rule:

Custom variables

On each rule, you can specify any number of Variables. Variables are internal storage units used for calculation. Each variable has its name and type. Variable name must be unique on Calculator level. Variable type can be:

  • String – for storing text
  • Number – for storing numerical values
  • Boolean – can be either True or False
  • Date – for storing calendar dates   

To add a custom variable, click "Add variable" and enter its name and type. To delete an existing variable, click on the Trashcan icon in the top right corner.

When you define a custom variable, it can be used in formulas throughout the calculator, not just in the rule it was defined in.

Predefined variables

Predefined variables is a set of variables which cannot be changed, as they are defined by the offer itself. They represent the values that are shown on offer as calculation results. If you need to use one or more of predefined variables in your calculation, you need to specify them in your rule. The list of predefined variables for your calculator is presented in a separate article.

To add a predefined variable to your rule, click "Add variable" and choose your variable from the dropdown list.

For more detail on how variables are used, please refer to Formulas article.


If you make a change to any of the rule parameters, the changes will be saved only when you click "Update rule"


If you wish to alter the order in which the rules are executed within the Calculator, hover your mouse pointer over the name of the rule you wish to move.

Small upwards and/or downwards pointing arrows should appear next to the rule name. By clicking the top one you move your rule towards the beginning of execution. By clicking the bottom one you move your rule towards the end of execution. If your rule is first on the list, only the downwards pointing arrow will appear, and if it's the last, only the upwards pointing one will appear.


If you wish to make a copy of your rule, click the Copy icon in the top right corner:

When you copy the rule, you need to specify:

  • The Calculator in which you wish the new rule to appear
  • Name of the new rule

New rule will be created with the following parameters identical to the originating rule:

  • Portfolio
  • Active status
  • Custom variables
  • Predefined variables
  • Formulas

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