Option types

Information about Options can be edited in Configurator →  Portfolios menu, section below:

Three default option groups are International, National and Roaming, although this may differ in your version.

Clicking on each Option group name will display all the options entered for that group.

Add new option group

To add new options or edit existing ones, click Edit options.

In Option editing screen, first you select the desired Option group. All the currently existing options in this group will be shown on the right side of the screen:

Slider in the top right corner indicates whether inactive options are shown.

Each of these options can have one or more values. To see all the currently configured values, click on the pencil icon next to the option you wish to explore.

Option parameters

Under "Option values overview" you should see all the option values currently configured for the selected option.

Each value has the following parameters:

  • Option content – name of the value, intended to display content of the option value
  • Option price
  • On Top subsidy – amount to consider for subsidy calculations
  • Max discount – maximum discount Agent can assign for this option without need for approval
  • Option type – to be used in subsidy calculations

Add new option value

To add a new value, enter Option content (mandatory) and other parameters (optional) and click "Add value". New value should appear in Option values overview.

To edit an existing value, click on pencil icon next to it. "Add value" boxes should prefill with the parameters for this value, and you can change them at your will. When you are done with changes, click "Add value" to confirm your changes.

To delete an existing value, click on the Trashcan icon next to it.

When you are done changing the values for your option, click "Edit option" to store your changes. If you wish to restore the option to the last stored version, click Discard.

If you wish to add a new option under an Option group, first click Discard to clear the screen. Then enter the Option name. Option cannot exist without values, so you need to add at least one. Use the instructions above to add a new value. After you're finished adding values, click "Edit option" to store your new option. If you cannot see it in the Option overview, please check if the Option is active or inactive.

Delete option

If you wish to completely delete an existing option, you need to delete all of its values, and then click "Edit option" to store your changes.

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