List of products within Ofca Offer is configured through Portfolios. Portfolio is primarily designed as a collection of price plans to be offered via the offering process, but it can also have any function you desire.

Creating a new portfolio starts with clicking on "Add portfolio".

1. Add new portfolio

The first tab is named "Add new portfolio".

First you add a Portfolio name by which it will be referenced throughout Ofca application.

Next you can define Offer types for which this portfolio will be available. For instance, some portfolios may be eligible only for Renewal or ChangeTerms, but not for Acquisition.

Also, you can define whether the portfolio is active or not. Portfolios which are not active will still be shown for stored offers, but will not be available in any newly created offers.

Finally you can add a portfolio note for internal use.

After entering all the desired information, click Next.

2. Add price plan

The next tab is Add price plan, which allows you to add price plans to your portfolio.

For each price plan here you can specify 3 parameters:

  • Price plan name – name under which this price plan will be referenced throughout the application
  • Price plan level – there are currently 8 levels available (from T0 to T7), used to distinguish levels depending on price, volume or any required criteria
  • Price plan group – parameter mainly used for distinguishing which hardware is available for which price plan

Only price plan name is mandatory parameter, the rest are optional.

After entering all the necessary parameters, click "Add", and the price plan will be added to the list on the right.

You can repeat this process until you've entered all the price plans you wish to add to this portfolio.

In case you wish to change the information for any of the added price plans, click on the pencil icon next to its name: . The form on the left will be filled with the data from this price plan and you can change them accordingly. After you make your changes, click "Edit" to store them.

In case you wish to delete the price plan from the list, click on the trash icon:

When you have entered all the price plans you wish, click on Next.

3. Add price plan prices

On "Add price plan prices" tab, price plans you entered on a previous tab will be available in the dropdown menu „Price plan“:

When you select the price plan, underneath you can choose for which offer type you wish to set the price plan parameters.

Offer types may differ in your instance. The default ones are:

  • HW – when price plan is given with contract binding and additional hardware
  • Sim – when price plan is given with contract binding and discount on price plan
  • SimOnly – when price plan is given without contract binding

For each price plan, you can set the prices for one or more offer types.

Prices you can set are:

  • Monthly subscription – price customer will be charged each month
  • Hardware subsidy – price which is used to calculate if the customer is entitled to certain hardware amount
  • Margin – price used for margin calculation

When you enter all the prices you wish to specify for your price plan/offer type combination, clicking on Add will put them in the table on the right

Repeat the process for each price plan / offer type combination you wish.

When you are finished, click Next.

4. Overview

The final tab is Overview. Here you can see all the information your portfolio will have after you save it. No changes are saved until you click Save. You can return to any of the previous tabs and change any information.

When you are sure these are the informations you wish to proceed with, click Save.

When you save your portfolio, you should see it on the opening screen.

Next to the name of your portfolio you can see two icons:

- copy portfolio, enables you to create an exact duplicate of your portfolio, save it under a different name, and make changes independent of the original portfolio

- edit portfolio, make changes within this portfolio 

You can add as many portfolios as you need, there is no defined limit.

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