How to create quote or offer from Ofca?

Let's check offer creating process by looking at example from trial. This will be a good starting point for you. Depending upon your business processes fields could be configured differently. Initially in trial, there are 2 different types of calculations configured: Tariff promotion is for offers where hardware is being selected at the moment of offer closure, while Hardware offer is for offers where hardware budget is defined for the entire binding duration.

Tariff promotion (TPM)

In the Account details, you enter the details for your prospective customer, as well as contact details. In case your Ofca is connected to your customer data repository (e.g. CRM), you can retrieve the data from the repository after entering the VAT number and clicking "Find Account". Otherwise, enter the data manually.

Scrolling down, you get to the „Offer config“ section. Here you should enter the information like offer purpose, binding duration of contract and product portfolio which is to be used. End of contract is calculated automatically, using information from Duration and Start.

Content of product portfolios is configured in Configurator → Portfolios.  

Scrolling further down, you get to the "Package Config" section. Here you should select the product you intend to offer your customer. This configuration of package config in portfolio is done for trial and can be configured to fit your needs. Product information is read from portfolio which was selected in the Offer Config section. First you need to select the Price plan. 

Each price plan can have several price plan types. HW indicates the packages which are taken with some hardware. Sim indicates the packages which are taken without hardware, but rather with discount on monthly fee. SimOnly indicates packages which are taken without either hardware, discount, or contract binding. 

After selecting Price plan and Price plan type, the price is read directly from portfolio information.  

Finally, you enter the number of sim cards that should come with this price plan.

Additionally, you can add one or more options to your package. Information about options is also read from portfolio. With Option type, you select the group from which you wish to select the option (initially National, International, Roaming). With Option Name, you select the exact option you wish to use. With Option amount, you select the number of subscriptions you wish to apply this option to. 

Option usage is additional parameter that can be selected for each option, which determines whether this option will be included in the discount calculations, or if it will have its own discount applied. For each desired option, you should click "Add option" to add the option to your package.

In case Price plan type selected was HW, you can also enter the Hardware data.  

Here you select the exact hardware you wish to offer, as well as wanted surcharge for the customer, and the number of items you wish to include.  

Option types, price plan types and HW is configurable in portfolio or can be imported from external product catalogue.

When you select all the necessary data, you click "Add package ".  

The information about the packages you have entered is presented below:

Clicking on desired row displays package details.

If you wish to edit the information in the package, click the pencil icon next to the package you wish to edit.

If you wish to remove the package altogether, click the recycle bin icon next to the package you wish to delete.

Adding, editing or removing a package triggers calculation which displays its results on the right hand side of the screen. Total SIM number, the distribution of price plans and Total wanted surcharge are taken from the offer form directly. Values like Wanted price for approval, Customer segment, Total monthly subscription, Total monthly subscription with VDC and Volume discount are calculated using the formulas set up in the configurator.  

Any change in the offer will trigger the calculation and the values should be updated accordingly.

In case your offer triggers any of the approval rules, they will be displayed in the Approval section.

Approval rules are configurable in configurator. When rule execution results with offer needing approval, offer cannot be printed, and cannot be sent to the customer. Such offer should be sent for approval to a predefined manager. To do so you should click "Require approval“ and Save the offer. The manager should receive an email informing him that this offer needs approval. 

If no such conditions are met, the section should look like this:

Offer which requires no additional approval can be printed and sent to customer. Clicking on "Print PDF" will create a PDF document using a predefined template and the information stored within the offer. The status of offer regarding customer can be updated as "Comment":

Any changes made on the Offer are stored only after you click Save.  If you wish to discard all the entered changes and reload the offer from the database, click Discard. 

If you wish to create a whole new offer, click New offer.

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